Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Started college again on the 14th, we haven't done a lot of real work as of yet, but this is only the begining. I guess i better brace myself xD Luckily I feel like I've gone pass that awkward feeling of being surrounded by people I don't know, everyone is incredibly nice as fuck god dayum<3 Tomorrow we're going on our first trip together to the Forest of dean, without a clue what our outcome of this project is going to be! Apparently we'll be able to work better that way,I don't understand how yet but I guess I'll find out D: On a another note, Commissions. I will be starting them up again but i can only offer to do £5 shaded lineart bust shots(an example will be available soon), Since my schedule is pretty full at the moment, I feel i should only do something that doesn't take up much time for me. But yeah, I'll update again about the trip tomorrow, hopefully it won't be raining constantly like the last outdoor trip i had with a class lol Damn British weather >:I ~Gifty

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I am Golden

It's quite rare for me to ever feel good about my self, but drawing this whilst listening to 'I wanna be' from Soul eater was a real pick me up <:

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Inspired by Mikeinel

Yesterday i was a little down in the dumps so i started drawing rather gorey pictures, most are in my sketchbook(and i haven't scanned them yet X:) but I've done a couple on photoshop, that include my creepy foetus thing and this delicious eye stretching action C:

Now the reason I'm finally blogging this today is because I was trying to make it look similar to Mikeinel's style of shading, with the highlights and textures. I really love his style of colouring so yesterday i tried to figure out how he does it, of course then i didn't know that he had a tutorial explaining this. After i read it through i decided to give it another shot today, and honestly...
...I am very pleased with the outcome [:
Please ignore any anatomy mistakes because I only sketched this out for the purpose of colouring practice, I feel it'd be wrong if I took someone else's line artwork. I really love the glow effects on this, usually i don't go for the fx, but I've never really played around with them in the past because I had no idea what to do with them xD 

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


So today i was having one of my off days, due to stressy-stress-stress i guess.

Ha I rhymed c:

So to help relax i poped on some soul eater soundtracks on youtube, opened up photoshop and started sketching something rather random for me to speedpaint. I actually like the out come of the image, though i find it...
...quite creepy. I guess it's a 'old' foetus, honestly i wasn't actually thinking when i started sketching this xD;
But i really like this either way,I really ought to draw without thinking more often, god knows what might fall out of my hand <:

Also, it's face. No chin, no mouth, or no nose? you decide ;o

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gakuen Sketch

 So i was looking through my old sheezy art account today (http//, and it made me feel all nostalgic about the older days :') But also made me want to redraw some of my older art, cus i do believe i can do A LOT better XD
I thought I'd start off with my old Gakuen drawing
As you can see, it's pretty bleh,in my eyes at least XD
I've already started sketching her, and someone else's Gakuen character.

I'll probably be starting this over seeing how i messed up the anatomy pretty badly, heck the sketch behind it looks a lot better than the actual lineart XD Maybe when I colouring It'll look a ton better.

But we'll have to wait until we get back because I am going out today ;3

Monday, 7 September 2009

Boy i haven't been here in a good while, I have been blogging elsewhere, but honestly? It hasn't been working out XD
LJ just doesn't have that much freedom IMO, Here I can upload pictures and resize them with ease, and I can  easily edit the HTML, But since I'm a complete N00B when it comes to HTML and CSS and all that I'm gonna need a bit of practice XD.

But anyway, I've decided to change this blog into a sketchblog! The main reason being is that i need to start getting my ideas out there, regardless of any anatomy mistakes or silly ideas. So I'm going to start this blog with a sketch of two cats I'm doing, titled 'Kitty Kiss'.

I know the title is very obvious, but at the same time it's really cute as well so I decided to go for it! Usually I like to do my sketches on paper first with a pencil, but i thought it'd make things easier to start sketching on Photoshop this time. My sketches are always very messy, which I'm fine with because when it comes to the line art or vector I sometimes improvise or change things anyway. But as you can see I've already started with the background, I always started with the background because it's a lot easier to create a mood, and shade the characters afterwards.