Friday, 22 June 2007

Weeeeird dream

I had this weird dream last night, kinda freaked me out a little..

There was a beach, on ground it looked like the sun was shining down on it but the sky was bleak.
There was a small family just walking across the beach, a mum, a dad and a little boy around the age of 8. I didn't see the parents faces but that little boy had that gay little bulb-kinda haircut.
So they were walking, and out of nowhere, the boy is on the stick like some kebab. The stick went straight threw his right foot,up through his body and sticking right out the top of his head, with his brain on the top end of the stick.
He looked pretty much dead.
His face was completely covered in streaks of blood, his mouth was only partly opened revealing a few blood stained teeth. His small eyes kinda scared me a little, they were rolled to the back his head, so all i could see was white dots on a bloody face.
His parents, they were frikkin calm, they just looked at him with a disapointed look, as if he spilled something on his clothes or something.
So the mother took the brain off the stick, picked him up, and the dad pulled the stick out from his foot. then they put his brain back in and he just suddenly turned back to normal..

Thinking about this dream makes me lol.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Blog get

Inspired by Two of my friends to join blogspot, Gotta say its kinda neat XD, finally i have a place to put down my ideas ^^ (not like i didnt before, i just hate writing by hand xD). Though dont get yer hope up theives, i wont be revealing too much of my ideas xP.

Anyway,I have a lil family of characters going on and at the moment i just coming up with back-ground stories that helped developed their character.

So far, I've sort of made a BG story for my three main characters, Kyoko(purple), Ryoko(red) & Kyo(Blue)(They all have 'yo' i know lol).
They're all quater-caste triplets named after their great aunts and uncle (their mothers aunts and uncle).
As children they had a pretty good childhood, only up until their father died When they were just 8-9 years of age, Im not going to mention how he dies, but lets just say the wife spent too much time alone :X

This is all im writing for now, when im bothered to think of more stuff i get back at ya XD

Image a characters are (c) to me