Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lily work in progress part 1

So recently I've gotten into the visual novel 'Katawa shoujo', about a boarding school featuring six teenage girls and one teenage boy who each have disabilities in one way or another. One character in particular is half Scottish and half Japanese but she mostly takes after her Scottish parent, which explains the blonde hair, although realistically I don't believe it's so that likely for her to be born blonde, since dark hair (from her Japanese parent) is a dominant gene. I just wanted to take the opportunity to somewhat bring her to life by rendering a face that shows both her Scottish and Japanese heritage, even slightly. I've always had an interest in mixed race characters, because you honestly don't know what you're going to get!

 As you can see here the overall portrait is not quite finished yet, but I've progressed quite a bit with the face in particular. Since this character mostly takes after her Scottish parent I decided to make her look Caucasian with hints of Japanese characteristics. I intend to tweak this some more before I feel that I've achieved this.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Working on some sketches and doodles for my portfolio sketchbook, as a results I've grown a 'small' obsession with charcoal and pastels :X
I love the dirty look it creates ok<3

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Walkin' along~

(Please click the image to view it moving)
I'm so glad I got my Lightbox when I could, it makes traditional animation so much easier and fun too! This walk cycle is only half done with the legs as the main focus atm, I plan to practice animating other parts of the body before I start a proper cycle. Haha wish me luck! -SQUEE-

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Life drawing

My class has finally started doing some life drawing since last week! It's my first life drawing At first I thought it was going to be somewhat awkward, but when we got into it it was alright :)

1st Week:

First image: 5 minutes each, we started with some quick sketches before hand but i forgot to take photos :x
Second image: Tonal drawings, 10 minutes each. I really like these two, but it probably could use some darker tones i some places to make the model stand out more, BUT TOO LATE I GUESS :3c

Week 2:

This week we had more challenges than the last. We started off with some quick 2 minutes(left image) and 1 minute(right image) drawings as a warm up, and I'm actually quite proud of most of them:
Then we went onto do to more difficult challenges. If i remember correctly the first one we did was using our non-dominant hand (in this case my left) to draw the model. We were given about 10 minutes to do it. I'm quite proud of this piece, I expected it to come out crap XD
Another 10  minute drawing but with my other hand this time.

So yeah life drawing really is loads of fun! I can already see it changing the way I draw my personal stuff to be honest. I'm gonna take lessons outside of college ASAP<3

Tuesday, 6 April 2010



Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Started college again on the 14th, we haven't done a lot of real work as of yet, but this is only the begining. I guess i better brace myself xD Luckily I feel like I've gone pass that awkward feeling of being surrounded by people I don't know, everyone is incredibly nice as fuck god dayum<3 Tomorrow we're going on our first trip together to the Forest of dean, without a clue what our outcome of this project is going to be! Apparently we'll be able to work better that way,I don't understand how yet but I guess I'll find out D: On a another note, Commissions. I will be starting them up again but i can only offer to do £5 shaded lineart bust shots(an example will be available soon), Since my schedule is pretty full at the moment, I feel i should only do something that doesn't take up much time for me. But yeah, I'll update again about the trip tomorrow, hopefully it won't be raining constantly like the last outdoor trip i had with a class lol Damn British weather >:I ~Gifty

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I am Golden

It's quite rare for me to ever feel good about my self, but drawing this whilst listening to 'I wanna be' from Soul eater was a real pick me up <: