Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Started college again on the 14th, we haven't done a lot of real work as of yet, but this is only the begining. I guess i better brace myself xD Luckily I feel like I've gone pass that awkward feeling of being surrounded by people I don't know, everyone is incredibly nice as fuck god dayum<3 Tomorrow we're going on our first trip together to the Forest of dean, without a clue what our outcome of this project is going to be! Apparently we'll be able to work better that way,I don't understand how yet but I guess I'll find out D: On a another note, Commissions. I will be starting them up again but i can only offer to do £5 shaded lineart bust shots(an example will be available soon), Since my schedule is pretty full at the moment, I feel i should only do something that doesn't take up much time for me. But yeah, I'll update again about the trip tomorrow, hopefully it won't be raining constantly like the last outdoor trip i had with a class lol Damn British weather >:I ~Gifty

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Daniel Velu said...

where's that update? >:U
And fff lets hope college will be fun even when you get stuff to do <: