Monday, 7 September 2009

Boy i haven't been here in a good while, I have been blogging elsewhere, but honestly? It hasn't been working out XD
LJ just doesn't have that much freedom IMO, Here I can upload pictures and resize them with ease, and I can  easily edit the HTML, But since I'm a complete N00B when it comes to HTML and CSS and all that I'm gonna need a bit of practice XD.

But anyway, I've decided to change this blog into a sketchblog! The main reason being is that i need to start getting my ideas out there, regardless of any anatomy mistakes or silly ideas. So I'm going to start this blog with a sketch of two cats I'm doing, titled 'Kitty Kiss'.

I know the title is very obvious, but at the same time it's really cute as well so I decided to go for it! Usually I like to do my sketches on paper first with a pencil, but i thought it'd make things easier to start sketching on Photoshop this time. My sketches are always very messy, which I'm fine with because when it comes to the line art or vector I sometimes improvise or change things anyway. But as you can see I've already started with the background, I always started with the background because it's a lot easier to create a mood, and shade the characters afterwards.


Daniel Velu said...

Ffff finally I can read your blog and post comments too... cause LJ didn't let me do that >:c

Giftie said...

LJ is shit fo sho >:u