Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gakuen Sketch

 So i was looking through my old sheezy art account today (http//:kyoko2.sheezyart.com), and it made me feel all nostalgic about the older days :') But also made me want to redraw some of my older art, cus i do believe i can do A LOT better XD
I thought I'd start off with my old Gakuen drawing
As you can see, it's pretty bleh,in my eyes at least XD
I've already started sketching her, and someone else's Gakuen character.

I'll probably be starting this over seeing how i messed up the anatomy pretty badly, heck the sketch behind it looks a lot better than the actual lineart XD Maybe when I colouring It'll look a ton better.

But we'll have to wait until we get back because I am going out today ;3


Daniel Velu said...

fff I always found Gakuen art fun to look at c:
...and what is she holding in the first picture? xD

Giftie said...

That would be a pooper scooper cB
Really it's thanks to Gakuen that Poopah scoopah girl was created xD