Thursday, 10 September 2009

Inspired by Mikeinel

Yesterday i was a little down in the dumps so i started drawing rather gorey pictures, most are in my sketchbook(and i haven't scanned them yet X:) but I've done a couple on photoshop, that include my creepy foetus thing and this delicious eye stretching action C:

Now the reason I'm finally blogging this today is because I was trying to make it look similar to Mikeinel's style of shading, with the highlights and textures. I really love his style of colouring so yesterday i tried to figure out how he does it, of course then i didn't know that he had a tutorial explaining this. After i read it through i decided to give it another shot today, and honestly...
...I am very pleased with the outcome [:
Please ignore any anatomy mistakes because I only sketched this out for the purpose of colouring practice, I feel it'd be wrong if I took someone else's line artwork. I really love the glow effects on this, usually i don't go for the fx, but I've never really played around with them in the past because I had no idea what to do with them xD 

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