Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lily work in progress part 1

So recently I've gotten into the visual novel 'Katawa shoujo', about a boarding school featuring six teenage girls and one teenage boy who each have disabilities in one way or another. One character in particular is half Scottish and half Japanese but she mostly takes after her Scottish parent, which explains the blonde hair, although realistically I don't believe it's so that likely for her to be born blonde, since dark hair (from her Japanese parent) is a dominant gene. I just wanted to take the opportunity to somewhat bring her to life by rendering a face that shows both her Scottish and Japanese heritage, even slightly. I've always had an interest in mixed race characters, because you honestly don't know what you're going to get!

 As you can see here the overall portrait is not quite finished yet, but I've progressed quite a bit with the face in particular. Since this character mostly takes after her Scottish parent I decided to make her look Caucasian with hints of Japanese characteristics. I intend to tweak this some more before I feel that I've achieved this.

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