Saturday, 15 January 2011

Life drawing

My class has finally started doing some life drawing since last week! It's my first life drawing At first I thought it was going to be somewhat awkward, but when we got into it it was alright :)

1st Week:

First image: 5 minutes each, we started with some quick sketches before hand but i forgot to take photos :x
Second image: Tonal drawings, 10 minutes each. I really like these two, but it probably could use some darker tones i some places to make the model stand out more, BUT TOO LATE I GUESS :3c

Week 2:

This week we had more challenges than the last. We started off with some quick 2 minutes(left image) and 1 minute(right image) drawings as a warm up, and I'm actually quite proud of most of them:
Then we went onto do to more difficult challenges. If i remember correctly the first one we did was using our non-dominant hand (in this case my left) to draw the model. We were given about 10 minutes to do it. I'm quite proud of this piece, I expected it to come out crap XD
Another 10  minute drawing but with my other hand this time.

So yeah life drawing really is loads of fun! I can already see it changing the way I draw my personal stuff to be honest. I'm gonna take lessons outside of college ASAP<3

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