Monday, 29 January 2007

Blog get

Inspired by Two of my friends to join blogspot, Gotta say its kinda neat XD, finally i have a place to put down my ideas ^^ (not like i didnt before, i just hate writing by hand xD). Though dont get yer hope up theives, i wont be revealing too much of my ideas xP.

Anyway,I have a lil family of characters going on and at the moment i just coming up with back-ground stories that helped developed their character.

So far, I've sort of made a BG story for my three main characters, Kyoko(purple), Ryoko(red) & Kyo(Blue)(They all have 'yo' i know lol).
They're all quater-caste triplets named after their great aunts and uncle (their mothers aunts and uncle).
As children they had a pretty good childhood, only up until their father died When they were just 8-9 years of age, Im not going to mention how he dies, but lets just say the wife spent too much time alone :X

This is all im writing for now, when im bothered to think of more stuff i get back at ya XD

Image a characters are (c) to me


Master Munchie said...


I just set up a normal account, my other ones for random storys about Anne Widdicome XD

Shida said...

Oooooh, can't wait to see some more of your ideas

(PS: Write more)